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Bonus Track


You see those flashing lights
All around, all around, all around
You wanted to be by my side
Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind
I can feel that, hear that, see that, smell that
To be by my side you’re ready to do sacrifice
Hold down, kneel down
You should kiss my feet
Because in a few years it could be bringing back some money
That’s real
We will care for it, we will care for it, we will care for it
Music is my energy,
School is my enemy
You should be carefull of the growth of Tehesse

I smoke this natural weeding
It helps me to forget my futur wedding
I’m not ready to be good in my brain
All I need is this motherfuckin bass

I got cash in my pocket
Drugs in my jacket
Girls in my bed
And so empty is my head


from TOUMRAKATA, released October 20, 2012




Téhessé Lyon, France

▬ Téhessé est un trio qui exprime son originalité à travers des rythmes imprégnés d’exotisme euphorique et de mélodies célestes.

L’équilibre subtil entre cette ambiance brumeuse et la chaleur des percussions électroniques transporte dans un monde de calme volcanique.

Les sonorités épurées mais recherchées de Téhessé proviennent de leur formation singulière dans laquelle ils s’épanouissent. ▬
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